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FAQ - Events

1. Where can I get informed about current events?

2. Is it permitted to bring cameras and video cameras along to the events?

3. May I take own beverages and food along with me to the events into the halls?

4. Which events take place in the event halls?

5. When do the doors open to public?

6. Is there always a supporting programme organized for concerts? If so, where do I get the information?

7. Am I allowed to smoke in the event halls?

8. Is there a lost property office for lost property?

9. Are there reserved parking spaces for wheelchair drivers?

10. Are kids and adolescents allowed to visit concerts without accompanying person?

11. From which age children have to pay?

12. Where the buffets for customers with VIP tickets and VIP packages take place?

13. Will the roof be closed during events?

14. Where is the stage set up during concerts?

FAQ - Tickets

1. Where to buy the tickets for events at the GERRY WEBER STADIUM and at the GERRY WEBER Event Center?

2. Are all fees included in the ticket prices?

3. Can I order and / or reserve tickets by phone or online?

4. How to order tickets online?

5. Can I express wishes for specific seats when ordering?

6. Are the reserved seats for one order always placed beside each other?

7. How is the procedure when paying with credit card?

8. How is the procedure when paying by invoice/money transfer?

9. How is the procedure when paying via direct debit?

10. Which fees do I have to pay in case the tickets are being dispatched?

11. Is it possible to receive an extension of time when paying with invoice/ by money transfer?

12. Can I also reserve my tickets to pick them up at the box office?

13. Where can I pick up my reserved or deposited tickets?

14. How do I proceed in case of ticket loss?

15. What can I do if an event is cancelled for which I already have bought tickets?

16. Can I cancel entrance tickets booked by me again?

17. Where can I find a seating plan?

18. Is it possible to use the public transportation system with the purchased tickets?

19. Are there reductions for severely disabled persons and pensioners?

20. Are reservations possible already before start of pre-selling of an event?

21. Why am I unable to purchase tickets for events any longer at some ticket agencies, although they are not sold out yet?

22. What to do, if I haven’t received a confirming mail for my online reservation?

FAQ - How to get there

1. Where exactly are GERRY WEBER STADIUM and GERRY WEBER Event Center located?

2. Where do I find the main entrance of GERRY WEBER STADIUM?

3. Are there parking spaces available at GERRY WEBER STADIUM?

4. Which hotels are there in proximity of the GERRY WEBER STADIUM?

5. Is it possible to use the public transportation system with the purchased tickets?

FAQ - Gerry Weber STADIUM (GWS)

1. When the GERRY WEBER STADIUM (GWS) has it been constructed?

2. What was located there, before the GWS has been built?

3. Wo befindet sich der Eingang des GWS?

4. Why the GWS has been built?

5. What is the holding capacity of the GWS?

6. Is the GWS suitable also for wheelchair drivers?

7. What is the difference between the sub-tier, the gallery and the interior?

8. Is there an elevator to get to the gallery?

9. Can the stadium be heated?

10. Boxes-what is it?

11. Where is the next train station?

FAQ - GERRY WEBER Event Center

1. When the Event Center (EC) has it been constructed?

2. What was situated there, before the EC has been constructed?

3. Where is the entrance of EC?

4. Why the EC has been built?

5. What is the holding capacity of the EC?

6. Is the EC also suitable for wheelchair drivers?


1. When did the first GERRY WEBER OPEN take place?

2. On what covering the matches take place?

3. Where can I buy tickets for the GERRY WEBER OPEN?

4. Are there any reductions?

5. Are there any reductions for tennis clubs?

6. Can I buy tickets for a specific match?

7. Can I also watch matches on the adjacent courts with my day ticket?

8. Is there a box-office?

9. Can I enter the stadium ground without paying, if I do not wish to watch the tennis matches?

10. When will the qualification for the main group beginning on Monday take place and can I watch these matches?

11. When do the matches start?

12. Can I watch the supporting programme taking place every day with my ticket?

13. Can I watch tennis with my VIP ticket?

14. Is my ticket valid also for the public transportation system?

15. Is there a bus shuttle-service?

16. Which is the sunny side of the Stadium?

17. Where is the referee seated, and where are the players’ benches then?

18. Can I stay overnight during the GERRY WEBER OPEN at the GERRY WEBER Sportpark Hotel?

FAQ - Gastronomy

1. Are there gastronomic specialties served at the GERRY WEBER STADIUM and at the GERRY WEBER Event Center?

FAQ - Stadium regulations

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Gerry Weber Open
17.06. - 25.06.2017

Ticket Center

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Mon. - Fri. 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
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