27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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"It's like coming home"

"I just can't wait to serve in Halle", the Maestro is glad to announce

He started the press conference in HalleWestphalia with the notable sentence: "It's like coming home." And here, at the 25th GERRY WEBER OPEN the home-player Roger Federer wants to again strengthen his record-balance with fresh drive and new energie, and grab the ninth title: "I feel good, am relaxed. I can't wait to serve in Halle", the Swiss Maestro announced on Sunday afternoon at a press conference commencing the main draw matches. Federer will meet the Taiwanese Hen-Ysen Lu (ATP 68) in his 15th competition in the first round at the GERRY WEBER OPEN. "The draw is okay. If you look ahead, there will most probably be more cracks.“

Since arriving on Saturday Federer has eased in to his show place, the place where he has played his most successfull tennis: "Training has gone wonderfully. Everything is going well." The 35 year-old Grand Slam-Rekord-Champion, who won his 18th major title in Melbourne, just after a break of six months due to injury, is optimistic for the next days at GERRY WEBER OPEN: "I am hopeful to play much more successfully than in Stuttgart." There Federer had lost his first round match against Tommy Haas. Overall, Federer said, his aim was to "be 100 percent fit and competible for the lawn season.": "That gives me self confidence for Wimledon."

Federer has many memories and emotions with Germany's largest tennis tournament: "It was always a place where I felt extremely good. Halle is an ideal date, with its tournament character, between the Grand Slams in Paris and London. You can get down to earth here", the Swiss said, "it's a tournament with short, easy walks. And everything that was changed in the last couple of years made sence. This was also good for the players." The upgrading to an ATP500 event, Federer stated, "Halle has really deserved."

Federer didn't bring his family to HalleWestphalia, like in the previous years of his career. And he brought his two twin-daughters often along to the GERRY WEBER OPEN: "They were always very glad to go for walks in the forest", Federer said, "when I went away to the tournament this time, they couldn't come. So they said to me: can't you stay here - and we will go to Halle."

At the GERRY WEBER OPEN in HalleWestphalia the tennis superstar Roger Federer is a "home-player" and announces: "It's like coming home".© GERRY WEBER OPEN_KET (HalleWestphalia)