27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Record-Champion Roger Federer has arrived in Halle/Westfalen

"I am here to fight for the title, but the opponents are strong"

Record-Champion Roger Federer (35) has arrived - and adding to his joy of being back the Swiss "Maestro" has of course big goals at the Tennis' birthday party in Halle/Westphalia: "It's a good feeling being back hewre. At a well-known place where I have had so much success", the eight-time GERRY WEBER OPEN-Champion Roger Federer said today when arriving at the place of the  ATP 500 event. Federer wants to "of course take a leading part" in fighting for the title in the anniversery year of the 25th GERRY WEBER OPEN, "but the competition is tough. A lot of opponants in the field can be hopeful." 
Federer was welcomed by tournament director Ralf Weber GERRY WEBER SPORTPARK HOTEL after landing at the airport in Paderborn and shuttling to Halle. "We are glad to have you here, Roger. I wish you the best of luck for the tournament", Weber said. He handed the eighteen-times Grand Slam Record-Champion a present in memoriam of the anniversary, a miniture picture of the 25th GERRY WEBER OPEN, set in an acrylic cube.  Federer had returned back to Switzerland after surprisingly losing his opening match against Tommy Haas in Stuttgart and had spent "some good time" with his family. "I relaxed a little, did some training, too. I feel fresh and ready for the tournament here", he said.