28th GRASS COURT OPEN HALLE June 13th to 21st 2020

TICKET CENTER +49 5201 81 80 Mon – Fri 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sat 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


It is important to us to make each guest's visit to the GERRY WEBER STADION or GERRY WEBER EVENT CENTER a unique experience. That is why we attach great importance to accessibility in our event locations, so that people with disabilities and/or people with limited mobility can also rely on a correspondingly good and considerate infrastructure.


The GERRY WEBER STADION and the GERRY WEBER EVENT CENTER are accessible by public transport (regional train RB 75 - Haller Willem) barrier-free from the stop Gerry-Weber-Stadion. Please follow the signs from this stop. Further information on how to get here can be found here (link).


For people with disabilities, parking spaces in the parking lot P2 (see map) are available in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. To access the car park, please have your disability card ready and follow the instructions of the on-site security staff.


For people with disabilities, a separate entrance is available on the GERRY WEBER STADION for faster access to the stadium grounds. This is located to the left of the regular inlet (cash register 1 to 3) and can be recognized by a separate sign.


For our events we offer tickets for wheelchair users and their attendants. Please contact our TICKET CENTER (located directly on the B68: Weidenstraße 2, 33790 Halle in Westphalia) for advice and booking of these places. The employees can also be reached by telephone (+495201 81 80) or by e-mail (karten@gerryweber-world.de).

At concerts in the GERRY WEBER STADION, wheelchair users usually have access to seats on a pedestal in the inner space of the stadium, which also includes a seat for one accompanying person each. When purchasing a ticket, please inform yourself about the placement of the wheelchair spaces, as this may vary slightly depending on the event.

Wheelchair users with an attendant are usually placed at the front of blocks E and B at events in the GERRY WEBER EVENT CENTER.

Tennis- and sports events
In Germany's most important tennis tournament, wheelchair seats are available at all match courts (Center Court and Courts 1 to 3). At other sports events (e.g. handball national games), wheelchair seats are provided directly on the sidelines (subordinate G). Furthermore, additional wheelchair seats are available on the gastronomy level of the stadium and they can be reached via its own elevator (block B).

At the OWL-Lokalradiobühne (show stage public area) we offer a wheelchair platform, so that the concerts and other program items can also be followed. Furthermore, most of the stalls on the stadium grounds are equipped with wheelchair accessible ramps. The VIP area of ​​the tournament at the GERRY WEBER EVENT CENTER can also be accessed barrier-free.


The GERRY WEBER STADION has a sufficient amount of wheelchair-accessible toilets located in block A, which are marked with appropriate signage. At the GERRY WEBER EVENT CENTER the sufficient sanitary facilities are also barrier-free to reach.

For questions on the day of the event, please contact our local staff. We're here to help!