25th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2017 June 17–25

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The GERRY WEBER OPEN have written a success story since the debut tournament in 1993, and continue to excite more than 100,000 visitors every year at the GERRY WEBER STADION in HalleWestfalen. A unique event philosophy entertains visitors at Germany's largest audience tournament with exceptional world class sports and entertainment programs. The extraordinary tournament development was always focused on the needs of players, spectators and media, and therefore, created an infrastructure over the years that offers more than just high-class tennis. "We have always adapted the Gerry Weber Open to meet the new requirements", says tournament director Ralf Weber, who has continuously developed the ATP-event on grass-court in the East Westphalian tennis arena, including the convertible roof, transportable lawns and lawn ventilation.

The most outstanding innovation surely is the center-court roof, which was built on cause of the game on June 16th of 1993, which had to be canceled completely at the premiere of the GERRY WEBER OPEN. This was, so to say, the "birth time" of the convertible roof, and Ralf Weber remembers well: "It was Wednesday and it rained all day. So we had to find a solution. That solution was found and implemented within the following ten months." Now, 23 years later, the stadium roof is being renovated in order to let the GERRY WEBER OPEN 2017 shine in new splendor for the 25th anniversary edition from 17th to 25th of June 2017. "This investment is not only an investment in our tournament's future, but also for the multifaceted Gerry Weber World event portfolio", says Ralf Weber.