27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

GERRY WEBER TICKET CENTER +49 5201 81 80 Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sat 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

General Information

Organization, World Ranking List Points and Program

Prize Money and World Ranking List Points

The men's tennis world elite meet on grass courts in preparation for the GRAND SLAM tournament in Wimbledon. The tournament has a Total Financial Commitment of 2.116.915 € in 2018 and is accepted by the ATP tour as part of the 500 World Tour.

ATP-World Ranking List Points and Prize Money 2018

  Ranking List Points Prize Money (in Euro)  
    Single Double (per pair)
Winner 500 427.590 128.740
Finalist 300 209.630 63.030
Semifinalist 180 105.480 31.620
Quarterfinalist 90 53.645 16.230
Round of sixteen 45 (Double: 0) 27.860 8.390
Loser 1st round   14.690  
Qualifiers (4 Spieler Einzel / 1 Paar Doppel) 20 (Double: 45) --- ---
Qualification round 2 10 (Double: 25) 3.250 ---
Qualification round 1   1.660 ---


Roger-Federer-Allee 4
33790 HalleWestfalen
Patron Armin Laschet (State minister of North-Rhine-Westphalia)
Tournament Director Ralf Weber
Tournament Founder Gerhard Weber, Udo Hardieck
TV channels ZDF and Eurosport
Radio stations local radio stations of NRW and radio ffn
ATP-Supervisor Miro Bratoev
Cedric Mourier
ATP-Tourmanager Konstantin Haerle
Head Umpire Hans-Jürgen Ochs
Chief of Officials Sören Friemel
Chair Umpires Damien Dumusois (Frankreich)
Damian Steiner (Argentinien)
Gianluca Moscarella (Italien)
Nico Helwerth (Deutschland)
Timo Janzen (Deutschland)
Jaume Campistol (Spanien)
ATP PR & Marketing Director Martin Dagahs
ATP PR & Marketing Manager Fabienne Benoit
Tournament doctors Dr. Christoph Engelke
Physiotherapists Timo Kalbantner and Per Bastholt (both ATP)
Kolja Herrmann and Mario Bertling

Subject to change

Program booklet

Here you will soon find our program booklet, which can be purchased on the tournament.

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