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Interview with Mischa Zverev

Could you say something about your next match against Roger? You already played him here before.
I will play Roger and it will probably be a tough match again. And last time it didn’t go that good here in Halle (laughs). I definitely hope it will be better than last time.
If you compare the player you are now with the player you were last time when you played Roger what is different?
I think the ranking is the biggest difference and therefore the confidence and I think that overall I have matured, become older. I think I am – I trained a lot in the last two, three years – physically a bit stronger and I think in general I am mentally better and more experienced.
Could the time be right to play Roger now given your good results in Stuttgart and he possibly hasn’t found his rhythm yet, or is that too much of coffee up reading?
Okay, also in Australia when he played Melzer first round one could have said, ‘Jürgen, now you have a chance to win against Roger because he was injured for six months,’ and then he wins the Australian Open and Miami. Therefore, you always have to be careful with predictions regarding Roger. Yes, looking at the statistics, but statistics always just say something about the past and not about the future. Therefore, looking at the statistics you would say he didn’t play that well in Stuttgart and maybe lost first round to Haas, but I think that doesn’t mean anything at all because he will be even more dangerous because he will want it even more.
Another quick question: Before your last match against Roger you were sitting here in the press conference and were really looking forward. Is your attitude towards the match different now? You are still looking forward but back then it was more like ‘wow, I am playing Roger.’ Are you going into the match with more self-confidence now?
Back then I was quite low in the rankings. It was my first quarter finals since a couple of years and I think I was just happy to be back in a quarter finals. And it was against Roger and I thought, okay I won two main draw matches maybe it will work out again. And, yes, he showed me that that will not be the case (laughs). No, it is more like … I am more focussed and more serious.umstelle.
One question regarding you going into the match with the right attitude. How could the title read for that attitude? ‘Knife between your teeth or …?
Yes, I always say that I need a healthy aggressiveness, which I have in me, because especially when playing serve and volley all the time and you slacken a little either on the serve or when going to the net or you are a hint too slow, you get passed immediately and easily broken. Therefore, I always have to keep up the aggressiveness in order to get to the net quickly or for my serve to be 5 km/h faster. That is very important for me. And I think that is a good attitude for me.l.
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