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Interview with Philipp Kohlschreiber

How are you feeling?
Was it good? Were you content? Not thoroughly?
Of course, I wasn’t that happy with my game today. I don’t think there is a need to go into the details. There were just too many mistakes. Maybe it’s a difficult situation at the moment. But the positives I have to take from the match are that I moved well and was mentally strong, I absolutely wanted to win this match, and I’m in the second round.
Could you specify your difficult situation a bit? What is giving you a hard time at the moment in general?
The good thing is that I served well in the second and third sets. Sousa didn’t have too much of a chance there. I really did that well. I mixed it up well and was also dominated my service games well. I’m just struggling a bit and did one or two mistakes too many which is probably not typical for the kind of player I am. I actually live off being very solid at the baseline and that’s not yet the case. But tomorrow I'm off. Maybe I’ll play doubles but I’ll train more. You also have to fight your way through when not playing that good. Maybe I’ll sleep unbelievably well tomorrow or tonight, have an awesome practice day and will play as if I were from another planet. Who knows?
In the second round you might play against Sascha Zverev. You played him twice. Once in Munich on clay and once at the US Open. But you never encountered him on grass. What do you make of him?
Sascha's development is incredible. Last year, he played the final here, had a great clay court season now and is surely the absolute favourite. I can and also want to improve because otherwise it might be bitter. But tomorrow I have time to watch the match and come up with a game plan. He is tall, I am small, I will try to keep the shots low, move him around and I will have to see what is possible. He is a very good server. As I said I have to raise my game. I will be happy if I play well and should I lose I could live with that. But I will give everything and, of course, try to win
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