26th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2017 June 18–24

Tickets +49 5201 8180 Mon – Fri. 9am – 5pm and Sat. 9am – 1pm.

Interview with Alexander Zverev

Congratulations. What is your assessment of the match?
Alexander Zverev: Well, I started off pretty badly. I couldn’t really make a first serve. It was quite slow. It had a little bit to do with actually with yesterday I think. Well, we gave it all in doubles and it was mentally very very difficult winning 19-17. Obviously, playing with my brother is always something special for me. So, I always try my best. I was mentally a little bit slow and he started off very well. He started off quick, trying not to give me a lot of time. So, that’s how it went. And then after I started to pick up my game and, you know, trying to find a way back into the match and it went well for me. So, that’s about it.
What sort of specifically worked there when you turned round the score?
Alexander Zverev: Well, at the beginning I was missing a lot when he was rushing me. Then, I decided kind of not to miss anything and make him win the points. I was making quite a lot of returns, making a lot of first serves in important moments, I could have gone down 5-2 again with a double break, didn’t do that. I mean then luckily I won the first set and unfortunately he had to retire with a little bit of a back spasm I think in the second.
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