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Interview with Alexander Zverev

This was your first big final in Germany for you. How do you think you handled the whole occasion?
Alexander Zverev: I handled it okay, I played bad. It’s just simple.
What do you think you didn’t do well?
Alexander Zverev: I served worse than the days before, I did double-faults in important moments, in the third set, the way he broke me, I missed four shots. That can’t happen. I had a lot of 30 all chances which I played really bad at. He played very well. In the important moments he played very well. He deserves to win today, he was the better player. It’s as simple as that. I got lucky to win the second set I think. So, I thought I would maybe have more chances in the third but maybe I had chances but you have to use them as well somehow.
I know it’s straight after the final but do still look back on a positive week having beaten Roger as well?
Alexander Zverev: For sure. Maybe I had my best match yesterday against Roger. I had a great match. Today was pretty much by far the worst match I played the whole week, but that happens. So, you can’t change it. It’s okay.
And then getting into Wimbledon, you are likely to be seeded. So this week must be a confidence boost as well?
Alexander Zverev: Yes, it was a positive week. I played really good tennis all my matches. Against Roger obviously was a great highlight. Unfortunately, it had to end like this. But it happens, this is tennis, this sports. So, you can’t change it now.
How tricky was it to play such an unusual player, especially on grass where he feels comfortable?
Alexander Zverev: I think I let him do a lot of things. I didn’t play as aggressive as I did the days before. As I said, I didn’t serve as well. So, those are big factors. Roger can be tricky as well but I handled that pretty well. No, he deserves to win, he was a much better player today. He played very well, played very aggressive. He knew what he had to do. I just didn’t play well.
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