27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Alexander Zverev

What are your thoughts on your match tomorrow?
It’s going to be a very tough match I think. He has been playing great for quite a while now this year I think. He is going to be favourite going into every tournament he plays. So, I am happy to be in another final.
I think last year he was perhaps not as fit as he is this time this year. Do you feel you are a better, stronger player now than you were back then as well?
Yes, definitely. I think physically I’m stronger. I've done a lot of work. Obviously, he took a lot of time off where he worked a lot physically. His legs are bigger again. I think he moves quicker. That’s why he’s doing so well this year as well.
You didn’t think at any stage to back out of the doubles because now you've got these matches and two finals tomorrow? Is it a bit daunting?
I’ll be fine. I have a week off after this. Especially in Germany with my brother I’m not going to pull out of a semi-final.
I have this question apart from the tournament about the NextGen final. You know both Andrey Rublev and Khachanov said about the rules being changed for the new tournament…
What did they say?
Rublev said that it’s the best of five sets, so, you know, six games works. Khachanov said it’s a good thing that it’s being changed. So, what are your thoughts?
It’s never going to reach the ATP. It’s never going to reach the professional Tour?
Why would you say that?
Because our sport is such an old sport and none of the players will agree to it. I think 99.5% of the players are all not for it. I think Khachanov himself is not for it but someone of the ATP told him to say that it’s a good idea.
What do you think?
I think the shot clock might reach the pro level, no-let rule is never going to reach it, up to four games is never going to reach it, no-let I think is not going to reach it. Maybe this is one small thing that might change but I think the most realistic thing is the shot clock.
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