27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Alexander Zverev

after going down to Ivo Karlovic

Obviously a tough match playing someone with such a serve on grass. What made the difference in the second and third set?
Alexander Zverev: I didn’t touch the ball in the second and third set. That’s what made the difference. And I played two very sloppy games, one in the second set and one in the third. And that was it.
Compared to since Hamburg last year what is the difference playing on ATP level?
Alexander Zverev: I’ve had one great match here this year, am winning matches basically on a weekly basis. So, this year is totally different than last year. I mean I’m playing good. I’m pretty happy with the way I played against Jarkko. I’m pretty happy with the way I played in Stuttgart as well, lost to Troicki in the third set, three tough sets, could have won that match, didn’t. He got to the final after that. Obviously, here against Karlovic, it doesn’t really matter how well you play or how bad you play. If he serves like he served today there’s not much you can do. I think I had one break point in the third set in the third game or something. So, it’s a disappointing loss and I think the draw didn’t help me this tournament at all.
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