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Interview with Andreas Seppi

after his defeat against Roger Federer

How difficult was it after the 10-minute break when the roof was closed. Were you still focussed?
Andreas Seppi: Yes, of course, it’s not that common to have a break of ten minutes I would say. It was a bit odd, especially to find my rhythm on my serve at the beginning. But it wasn’t too bad. Everything went well in that service game (laughs).
You already mentioned on the court if you’d been lucky it could have been 6-4 and 3-2 with break for you but he fended off these two set points with serving two aces. Would actually more have been possible apart from these two set points?
Andreas Seppi: Difficult to say. Yes, I had two set points but he came up with two great serves and I really couldn’t do anything and maybe, had I played the return, in a rally I might have had more chances. This is what makes the difference with such a top player that he can serve his way out in such situation. It was also a bit of shame at the beginning of the tiebreak that I was immediately 4-0 down an then it’s difficult.
What prevails prior to such a match that you lost to him eleven times or the last time when you beat him in Australia?
Andreas Seppi: I would say both (laughs). I know that he’s one of the most difficult opponents on the Tour. And I could evidently see that the last matches were a bit closer than before and that I won one match. Of course, you step on the court knowing that it’s possible. In the first duels you tell yourself ‘let’s see how many games I can get’ (laughs). I had already played a few matches here, felt good and knew that I would get chance if I’d hang in there right from the start.
Is this because you have become better or that you can read his game better or is it because of him?
Andreas Seppi: No, I think that I’ve been playing better tennis in the past two, three years and maybe it’s also due to more experience. I have a few more big matches under my belt and therefore it is a bit easier to play against such a player. And, of course, he’s no longer the youngest.
What did Roger do better today than in Melbourne?
Andreas Seppi: I think that at some point he started to serve better, served a lot of good first serves and maybe also risked a bit more in the last game two or three times with the backhand longline which I really didn’t expect. Yes, he just played these four or five points much better.
You have entered Nottingham next week?
Andreas Seppi: Yes, I have, but I’ll have to see how I’m feeling physically and then I’ll see.
Yes, I was going to ask whether you will play Nottingham now or will take one or two days …?
Andreas Seppi: I paused for a month before during the clay season and wanted to play a lot of matches on grass. Now, in the end, I played a lot of matches here and I will have to see how I am because I played full two weeks now after one month. I will see how it is the next days.
You said that he was not the youngest. You are 31 I think. What does your career plan look like? We have the feeling that you are really getting started again?
Andreas Seppi: Yes, as I mentioned, the past two, three years were surely the best of my career, maybe 2012 was the best years with the two titles I won. Regarding tennis, I am surely feeling better on the court. The problem is the fitness if you want to play at top level. If you have problems with the body it is more difficult. But with respect to my tennis I think that I’m playing better than five, four years ago.
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