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Interview with Andreas Seppi

after his win against Kei Nishikori

This was a very short performance on the court today but it is your first final at a ATP 500 tournament?
Andreas Seppi: Yes, my first. Yes, it’s a great final for me also because I didn’t play for a month and almost missed the entire clay court season. For sure, this first final at a ATP 500 is really big for me. Of course, it isn’t the best to win a semi-final like this but I felt great on the court and hope I will also feel great tomorrow.
How often have you been asked about your victory against Federer in Australia by now? Is it still present?
Andreas Seppi: Yes, sure, it is still mentioned but I think it’s a different match. It’s also a final, it’s on grass. Of course, I will try and take some good memories from Australia into the match. It is surely the biggest victory of my career. So, for sure it will give me some good energy on the court. But still the record is 1-11 I think (laughs). So, I’m surely not the favourite.
Were you as surprised as we were or did you notice on the court that something was wrong?
Andreas Seppi: Actually, I didn’t know anything until five minutes before the match. Coincidentally roger came into the locker and asked whether Kei will play and I didn’t know anything why he shouldn’t be playing. Then he said ‘no, no, it was just a question, I’m leaving.’ (laughs). Then I didn’t know how to react. Then, when I stepped onto the court, I noticed that his calf was taped but I didn’t know what it was. But then I could see during his first service game that he didn’t stretch properly and didn’t go for some balls. It is a strange situation because you keep on looking to the other side of the court, trying to figure out what he’s doing and what he’s not doing. It’s never easy to focus on one’s own game then.
How are your chances against Roger? 5-95?
Andreas Seppi: Surely, I’m not the favourite. on grass where he won all tournaments. As I said, it’s my seventh final and he already played hundreds and also the direct record isn’t that positive. But, I’m looking forward to the final tomorrow and I really feel good. So, when I get a chance I will surely try to attack. But, for sure, I’m not the favourite.
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