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Interview with Dominic Thiem

How do you feel having made it to the Top Ten? At the moment, you are the youngest top ten player?
Dominic Thiem: I feel unbelievable. It is extremely difficult to make it to the Top Ten. You need so many points and good results. I didn’t know that I’m the 158th player. That’s really not a lot. And, of course, I am a bit proud and overjoyed to be part of them.
You just came from Stuttgart where you won the title on grass. How fit do you feel and were you happy about your first victory on grass?
Dominic Thiem: I think it was the happiest moment in my tennis life so far. I really went to Stuttgart without any expectations and didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Therefore, it is really great to have won four difficult matches and, of course, the victory of the semi-finals against Federer which I wouldn’t have thought of in my wildest dreams, and then the very difficult final over two days. So, it really took a huge weight off my mind after winning the match point. I actually had intended a relaxed week, maybe with one match and then to prepare for the following weeks and that’s how I went into the matches. OK, except for the final, by then I absolutely wanted to win the final and did feel a bit of pressure. But until then, I took it really easy. I think I rarely had as much fun during the matches as I had last week.
It is the eighth week in a row that you are playing tournaments. How does your body feel?
Dominic Thiem: Good. Grass is completely different. The clay court season was tiring but grass demands other things. The ball doesn’t bounce as high, therefore it is a bit easier but, then, other areas are affected. At some point I will take a break for a week but at the moment I feel good physically. So, everything is going well.
And this week? You said that you went into the Stuttgart week without feeling any pressure at all. How is the pressure now? What are your expectations for this week?
Dominic Thiem: Actually, I had intended to take the first two weeks really relaxed but, of course, this has changed since my victory in Stuttgart and I absolutely want to prevent losing early. Also it is important to confirm the tournament victory, to play good in the week after and that exactly what I want to do.
Have you had time after Paris to reflect a bit on Roland Garros, to enjoy and maybe to check what people wrote to you?
Dominic Thiem: I flew home on Saturday or actual went to the mountains, stayed there Saturday and Sunday and then flew to Stuttgart on Monday. So, I haven’t really been at home. But maybe that is also better. I had my peace and quiet, recovered well during the one and a half days and was fresh for Stuttgart.
Philipp said that last week was difficult with the rain and also the French Open. How difficult is it to stay focussed mentally?
Dominic Thiem: It’s tedious once you were on the court. If you haven’t been on the court you just have to wait a bit longer. But having to leave the court is tedious. You have to keep on switching the concentration from zero to hundred and from hundred to zero. It does really exhaust you a bit. After Paris and the final yesterday which took two days and several rain delays, you really feel exhausted. This year, the weather in Europe is a bit unlucky. It has been like that through all the tournaments actually. But that is part of the outdoor season and there is nothing you can do about it.
Is it good maybe that you haven’t really had time to think and didn’t realize what is probably going on in Austria so you can just go through to Wimbledon?
Dominic Thiem: Yes, for sure. But in general I don't need that much time in order to reflect on everything. It’s in the past. I can’t change anything. Of course, I am happy how things went. But I don’t really need time to think. I'm more focussed on the future than on the past weeks.
Maybe a few words on your first opponent, Joao Sousa?
Dominic Thiem: I think it’s our seventh or sixth duel tomorrow. I believe he is the man I have played most often so far. But not yet on grass, therefore tomorrow is going to be completely different. I played him on hard court, clay and indoors but not on grass. Therefore, I think the chances are 50:50 und you can’t really consider the previous matches. Grass is completely different.
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