27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Dominic Thiem

You were just saying how you were playing without pressure here. Do you think this has helped your game?
Dominic Thiem: Yes, a lot. I’m really enjoying it, until this Stuttgart and Halle I didn’t enjoy it so much this year. I just try to have fun going into the matches. If I win it’s of course very nice, if I lose it’s no big deal and it’s very nice like this
And you said on court how the crow supported you as an Austrian. Do you feel you are getting more and more popular? Are you noticing it?
Dominic Thiem: Yes, of course. I think the crowd likes to see young players with attractive games. As an Austrian, it’s the same language, it’s pretty similar to Germany, it’s very close. So, I hope that the people support me the most right after the Germans.
And the dive-volley you played at 4-0 was quite Boris Beckeresque. Is that what Günther is trying you to replicate?
Dominic Thiem: No, no, I just saw it. It was not as elegant as Boris Becker’s but it was nice and it’s fun to dive because grass is obviously the only surface you can do it without getting hurt. So, when the time is right it’s a lot of fun to do it.
Can you talk a bit about the match with Kohlschreiber tomorrow. There are obviously no secrets here, the matches you have had were very close?
Dominic Thiem: Yes, it’s been two really very close matches this year and tomorrow I expect nothing different. It’s always a pleasure to play him because he has a very attractive game as well with the one-handed backhand, really experienced grass court player and again I will really try to enjoy the match. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow because he’s also one of my best friends on the Tour.
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