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Interview with Dominic Thiem

What do you think that wasn’t working today?
Dominic Thiem: He is a very very tough player to play on grass for sure. Everything in my game was a little bit missing today. He was just the better player the whole time and so he really deserved this match today.
What do you think was missing? Was it at all tough to having the unexpected day off yesterday? Did you lose the rhythm?
Dominic Thiem: For sure this was unexpected and maybe I lost the tension a little bit. I was not moving that well, the strokes were not that powerful, also he’s playing really uncomfortable on grass, comes in a lot and plays really good volleys, has an unbelievable touch. I didn’t find a solution for him today.
Do you think you got tired with all the tennis you played? Did it catch up with you today maybe?
Dominic Thiem: Maybe a little bit but still I was able to play a good match but had no chance against him today.
You said you were playing without any pressure here and in Stuttgart, do you feel it has been a good preparation for Wimbledon coming up?
Dominic Thiem: It’s been an amazing preparation for me. Last week and this week 430 points more than I expected. So, I’m very happy with these two weeks.
You played a lot of slice, was it your choice or was it because of the lower bounce of the ball Florian played?
Dominic Thiem: No, it was not my choice. I mean I like to slice on grass but still he made me play a lot of slice because he played very flat. But, yes, the slice was okay for me today. It was not a big problem and I think I will make it different next time.
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