27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Dustin Brown

Congratulations. Can this be summed up as the match of your life?
Dustin Brown: Yes, for sure. It was a bit like the match against Hewitt. On one hand you’re a bit nervous, on the other hand, it’s easy for me to play because actually I’m not supposed to win or shouldn’t win or he has to win or whatever. I was under no pressure whatsoever, could walk onto the court and just play my game. And then on grass which is my favourite surface because it suits my game. Of course, today everything came together to facilitate such a result. I surely didn’t imagine that beforehand.
What did you imagine before?
Dustin Brown: To do what I did. To go out there, play aggressively, don’t allow him to get into the rallies, which from outside must have looked stupid seeing the balls flying all over the place. But that was my game plan. I also did that against Andrej Kuznetsov last year in Wimbledon and the five, six matches I won because it’s difficult for anybody to play me. Of course it’s different if you play just anybody. There is always some respect for Nadal but, on the other hand. I also thought no matter what happens, I will go out there, play my game and try to be aggressive. The court is quite fast. At break point he passed me unbelievably once. With every other player a volley would have been enough. But my coach said no matter what happens I should just carry on. And of course you don’t know what will happen when I get the break at three all. I also had a second serve, serve well with the body. And then, okay, if I serve a double fault, I think the second one was also very fast, then things look different. As I said, today everything just clicked and I’m very happy about that.
The match against Kohlschreiber tomorrow?
Dustin Brown: I haven’t even thought about and have to say that at the moment I really couldn’t care less (laughs). I just won the match, will go and change, shower, meet up with my friends, who watched the match and not think about tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll play singles and doubles. It’s going to be a long day. There are only a few hours left until midnight. I will enjoy that. Then, surely, my coach is going to discuss tomorrow with me. But I so far I haven’t thought about it.
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