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Interview with Dustin Brown

How would you compare your level in today’s match against Kohlschreiber with the one against Nadal yesterday?
Dustin Brown: You can’t compare it because it’s a totally different match. You’re playing a totally different person. It’s a different day. You can’t compare those matches. One guy is right-handed, the other is left-handed. Rafa was always serving slice serves, Kohli was hitting slice and kick serve. The court yesterday, in my opinion, was a lot faster. You can’t compare those matches. And I think it’s always difficult to try to compare stuff like that because everything is in each way whatever unique and you’ve got to try to do your best. So, I’m happy with my performance yesterday of course. Even if I would have played like that and I would have lost I would have been happy because I did the game plan that I wanted to have. I played the tennis that I wanted to play. Okay, it paid off in the end and today it nearly paid off again. Last time I played against him I could have beaten him, I lost 6 and 6. This time, with a little luck I could have won but that happens.
On your best on grass how confidence are you that you can beat any player?
Dustin Brown: I won’t be able to play singles next week because I didn’t get into s’Hertogenbosch. So, the next time I’ll be playing singles will probably be Wimbledon. And after playing a match like this today against Kohlschreiber, being up, being down and fighting and having a match yesterday against Rafa to be honest I’m not worried about any draw. I mean of course it’s a lot nicer not to play against the top five guys right in the first round, or maybe the top ten or whichever, but at the end of the day you can’t worry about the draw because it’s going to come the way it’s going to come. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the one that has to be worrying the whole time. I’m pretty sure none of those 120 guys want to play me first round either.
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