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Interview with Dustin Brown

after his defeat against Kei Nishikori

Last year you beat Nadal – that was sensational. Did you say to yourself today, I’m going to do that again? Did you think about it being possible again today?
Dustin Brown: Actually I didn’t think about that a much, this year hasn’t got anything to do with last year really. You go out there every day and it doesn’t matter, who is there. Of course there are better draws or worse ones too. But however it is, you want to win your match, try to do your best. As I said, that was my plan and I followed it. I did what I wanted to do very well. Only he did his part better than me. As I said, at one time I stopped playing Serve and Volley because it was not possible anymore. If you get every return on your foot it’s difficult to aggressively volley so that he hasn’t got a chance to pass. I’m not really unsatisfied or something. I think I played well. I can only say at 5 all he simply played better and did his thing better, his serves and returns, he did them simply perfectly and gave me no chance.
What positive thing are you taking to Wimbledon with you?
Dustin Brown: Well, yes I’m playing on grass. I’ve got two matches, well lost to Janowicz last, this week just lost, but had quite a few good matches in between. Three qualification-matches in Stuttgart, the match against Haider-Maurer here was very good. As I said, you then go to Wimbledon and hope for a good draw and that I can play there successfully again.
Three players have to draw back yet. How big are your chances to play in the main field at Wimbledon?
Dustin Brown: Everyone is waiting for Del Potro to draw out, really, because he was operated on his hand this week. So I think he won’t play. And the English have only given away five Wild Cards and if they don’t have any more, most of the time they go down the list. I think I’ve got quite a good chance. The only question is when. If that happened earlier, it would be easier for me to plan. But it could also happen that I travel to England at the weekend and start training for the qualifying and only get to slip in just before the end, but that’s Ok because the main field is always better than qualifying.
What are the multi-coloured shoe laces all about? Are they still your lucky charms?
Dustin Brown: I don’t know if they ever were. I just started using them and that was that. I’ve been doing that ever since. I just order them like that and put them in my shoes (laughs).
What do you think of Kei? How far will he go? Not only at GERRY WEBER OPEN but in general? He’s the Newcomer of last year.
Dustin Brown: Well, he’s the No. 5 for a reason. Last year I think he lost to Federer. I think he’s playing Janowicz next. As I say, it depends on how he copes with Janowicz serve. I think he’s a sound player from the back, but as we have seen today, Janowicz has got quite a bit of fire power too and it depends on how he serves and how he gets his aggressive game through. And other than that I don’t really worry about other players.
Do you know if your coach can accompany you to Wimbledon?
Dustin Brown: We haven’t talked that through yet. We’ll have to see when the flight is and so on.
It was a bit difficult today with an opponent like him returning so well?
Dustin Brown: Yes, he did return really well. I know that he does a sound serve but I didn’t expect him to serve that well and when I watched him served in the match with Thiem he wasn’t so good. It of course was then difficult to return aggressively. If your opponent always hits the edges and overall always up to 200, 195 and the second always bounced extremely, that means it was difficult to be aggressive. And that’s what it always is when I have played people like that I could return aggressively most of the time and then I was successful and I could nerve them a little and didn’t have any stress with my serve and from 5 all he returned unbelievably. I got the break by a return winner and two returns on foot. And of course you try to serve a bit more aggressively and then the double-fault came. Yes, you have to credit that that was good playing from his side and then it was 5 all.
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