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Interview with Florian Mayer

after his win against Steve Johnson

Your game was very emotional today which seemed to help after the difficult start?
Florian Mayer: Yes, somehow.
It’s not so often we get to see the ‘Beckerhecht’ twice?
Florian Mayer: Oh yes, I do that often on grass. On other surfaces, that’s not possible without getting injured. No, I’m just upset with myself at the moment because it’s not necessary to hack the racket up. You just don’t do that, you’re no role model by doing so. But sometimes you just have to let it out.
But, overall, you can be super satisfied?
Florian Mayer: Yes, of course. The quarters of a 500 tournament and 90 points, that’s really good for me. Yes, of course, it’s a huge success.
But also with your game? You mixed it up nicely?
Florian Mayer: Yes. It was difficult because I had seen his match yesterday and knew. I had my game plan to play a lot on his backhand. I am just annoyed with the way I volleyed. I was just too bad at the net today, because my serve was great and I played a lot of good returns and I went to the net at the right moments, but finishing the points at the net was too weak and that must not happen at this level. Luckily I did the big points. I saw the statistics, I think he had ten break points which luckily I fended off with a good serve. But I have to be more consistent.
Surely, you saw how Roger played his first match here on Monday. I think it was the first time he had a Monday start and he seemed to be struggling a bit. How do you rate him at the moment?
Florian Mayer: I think that he didn’t play that bad at all against Kohli. I have to say that Kohli really played an unbelievably great match. First, he has to beat Gulbis. You never know with Gulbis. Anything can happen. But sure, if it is going to be Roger we all know that he is the absolute favourite, will have nothing to lose and also will play accordingly.
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