27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Kei Nishikori

You have not had as much success on grass so far. Do you find it is a difficult surface to play on or is it just adjusting to the transition between clay and grass?
Well, yes, I think it is a challenge for me to play on grass because, like you said, I haven’t played the best results yet. I am trying to find how I can play on this surface. But I think I’m improving every year. And it was my first match, so I didn’t expect to play perfect anyway. Yes, it was a really tough match today but I think it’s going good.
You’ve had a few injury problems in the last month or two, Madrid, that sort of period. Has that all cleared up now and after such a tough match today how are you feeling?
I’m feeling okay. I’ve been feeling pretty good after the French. Physically I think I’m okay now. And it’s something really important. Especially, this week I got injured last two years in this tournament so I try to stay healthy. But I think it’s most important to spend a couple of matches here this week and try to, you know, find a way to play and maybe for Wimbledon.
You were due to play with Verdasco in doubles. Is that still going to happen or is his injury going to prevent that?
I don’t know. I’m going to ask him. But it’s always great to play with a doubles partner. You know in singles, we are good friends, so, it’s never easy to play. I think he has been playing too much this year.
What was the decision? I mean, you don't often play doubles. Or was that to get more time on grass?
Yes, I always play doubles this week. And I always enjoy playing doubles. But, you know, if he is injured we cannot do anything. We’ll see.
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