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Interview with Mischa Zverev

It was a tough match today. You had your chances in the first set. Can you take us through that?
Well, yes, I did have some chances in the first on his serve maybe at 30 all or 15-30 I think and I wasn’t able to be aggressive enough and take advantage of it and it came down to the tiebreaker where, you know, he is good in those moments. So, he won the tiebreaker because he put some good returns in and passed me.
How different did it feel today to actually get such a good score on the board compared to last time?
(laughs). Yes, definitely better than last time. But also I was mentally ready to play a close match and I think I had chances and I was ready to maybe … Well, I wanted to win, let’s put it that way. I wasn’t out there just to get a good score. I wanted to win. And I had chances, just didn’t take them, didn’t convert any 30 all moment or second serve 30 all on his serve and I think I was a little upset about that especially. But I think overall my mood was better on the court than it was last time.
Just looking forward to Wimbledon. You are likely to have seeding. Does that give you confidence?
Yes, but you never know, you can have a tough first round no matter whether you are seeded. But obviously when you’re seeded you are not going to play someone like Roger. So, I’m looking forward to that because I think I can do well. But I’m not going to get my hopes up like too soon because you never know what can happen and first of all I want to stay healthy and that’s my main priority right now to get ready for a best of five match Wimbledon.
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