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Interview with Peter Gojowczyk

Congratulations. You didn’t seem to have any problems returning his serve?
Peter Gojowczyk: I just love it when somebody serves hard and fast because it serves my return which actually is my best shot.
It seems you only beat Top Ten players?
Peter Gojowczyk: (laughs). I think the Davis Cup match against Tsonga was the first time I beat a Top Ten player.
A lot of players get scared but you don’t really seem to care?
Peter Gojowczyk: I already said that I also won a set against Nadal in January. This really proves that what you practice is right, like beating Tsonga in the fifth set 8-6. So I went into the match knowing that I do have a good chance because I go in to improve my chances. But first I had to alleviate the serve a bit. That made me a bit nervous at the beginning because I wasn’t sure whether I will be able to see his serve. But I read it very well.
We got the feeling that he wasn’t moving very well on the court. Did your last match help you with respect to that?
Peter Gojowczyk: Yes, definitely. It was his first match on grass. He played the quarter finals at Roland Garros, had a great match there. Of course, I arrived on Thursday and have been practicing. He practiced a couple of days only. That makes a big difference. And the match before really helped me, too. It helps with the movement.
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