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Interview with Peter Gojowczyk

Was today even more difficult because your opponent wasn’t a Top Ten player but somebody, who really fought back?
Peter Gojowczyk: I am very disappointed, but I knew that Mr. Falla plays well on grass which is one of his best surfaces. His serve is very unpleasant, slow and his left-handed serve is not easy to return on grass. But on the decisive points, I made mistakes today. I also wasn’t too satisfied with my forehand, I did far too many mistakes. At the beginning of the first set it was immediately 15:40. If I had broken him immediately things might have been different. Then I would have been more relaxed. But it was always quite close. I served quite well at the beginning, then Mr. Falla took a break point at the back and breaks back confidently. Then I was a bit nervous and therefore also made mistakes in the second set.
In football one would say that it was a bad performance on both sides. How do you rate the game?
Peter Gojowczyk: I don’t think it was such a bad match at all. It was 7-6, 7-6, which is close on grass. It was my second quarter finals of an ATP event, a 250. Therefore, for me it was a really great tournament. It’s a shame it didn’t work out today because I would have loved to see a German semi-finals tomorrow on Saturday. Nevertheless, I’m very positive, will carry on and look ahead.
What are your plans for after Wimbledon?
Peter Gojowczyk: It depends on how I’ll play qualies in Wimbledon. If I lose – what I don’t hope – I will play a challenger on clay in Marburg and then the big tournament in Braunschweig. I’m looking forward to that because it’s one of the greatest Challengers in Germany. I think I will also play the bigger tournaments, Stuttgart and Hamburg.
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