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Interview with Philipp Kohlschreiber

Did you ever play such an exciting tiebreak?
Philipp Kohlschreiber: Difficult to say. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a long third set. It was a mere war of nerves, unbelievable tension, adrenalin, thrill. It was very exhausting to keep your calm and stay cool and maybe even enjoy. The atmosphere was extraordinarily great but in the end you just want to leave the court as the winner. I am absolutely happy that I made it in the end.
At ten all you played a forehand into the net although you should have passed him. Did you think that the match is over or did you think I’ll still make it?
Philipp Kohlschreiber: No, in the end I think he made his points on his serve. So nothing really happened. Of course, it was a big point which I should have won. I think I had also produced some good chances before and was also up in the third set. He came back super strong. And I think the tiebreak was sheer luck and maybe whoever kept his cool. He also didn’t to give away the last point in that manner, it was a quite easy shot. But that’s sport. There always has to be a loser. That’s a shame. I think we both wrote history in Halle today and thrilled the spectators. I am glad that due to my calm demeanour and with pushing myself in the right moments and let out my emotions … For sure it wasn’t an easy match. Often you just don’t know what’s going on. Sometimes you get a winner although your own shot wasn’t bad at all. But that’s the way it was and I had prepared myself accordingly. Therefore, I am satisfied with the way I dealt with it.
Did you have a chance to watch the Brown-Nadal match in the stadium yesterday?
Philipp Kohlschreiber: I watched until 5-4. Then I left.
Were you surprised that Dustin Brown was able to perform so well today after his match yesterday? It was less than 24 hours earlier?
Philipp Kohlschreiber: I don’t really know. I think that Dustin has a lot of good tennis in himself and yesterday he proved that he plays unbelievably aggressive and lives on the grass, that he comes in a lot, risks a lot and today was similar. I think that I was very solid throughout the first set, returned well. I could hold against his serve often which probably hurt him. I think that my consistency in the first set won the set for me. I let him back into the match in the second set, played a bad game with three double faults. I think that also made him strong. The second set was completely crazy for grass court tennis, 0-5, 5 all and then a love break and 5:7. Thank you very much. That was very strange.
Your record against Falla is quite good. So, actually now the final should be your goal?
Philipp Kohlschreiber: I think the final is the goal of both of us. When you are so close to being in the tournament on Sunday, we’ll both give everything. I probably won more matches against Falla but one mustn’t underestimate that he has had a lot of unpleasant matches in huge stadiums. I saw him twice at the Olympics and in Wimbledon where he almost kicked out Roger Federer. His tennis is quite unpleasant and there is no need to mention that he is a leftie which makes it even more exciting. But I know that I have a good game against him and I’ll know that in the back of my mind. But I will have to play him tomorrow. We are both going into the match with the goal to reach the final and will give everything.
You’ve had highs and lows in your career. Are you back in the run after Düsseldorf now and do you have the feeling you are on an upward swing?
Philipp Kohlschreiber: If the past weeks were a downward swing I would be very happy. Of course, I am happy that everything is running smoothly at the moment. I win the close matches. At the beginning of the year I also lost a few, against Isner 7-6 in the third in Miami. Now, I’m glad that I stayed on the ball and win the matches at the moment. Sometimes it’s difficult to describe. I had my chances in the matches and maybe faced a superior force at the beginning of the season on big points and now, I kept my calm, believe in it and work hard. Also today’s match was a mind game, to stay in the match, not knowing whether he will doublefault or risk more on break point. My mind-set was really good. There wasn’t a lot for me to play. In the end, I had to return and hit a passing shot now and then but I can’t recall playing more the three backhand cross shots in the whole match and that is very unpleasant because to him it might feel good but every other player plays a tennis, which you can probably read a bit better.
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