27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Robin Haase

You came a few days ago and practiced here. Is everything in your game working as you expected?
Robin Haase: Actually, I arrived a few days later than usually. I arrived on Saturday, practiced two hours, I practiced two hours on Sunday and yesterday I played doubles. A doubles match on grass really helps, too. I’m happy with my serve. That always helps, but I think it particularly helps on grass. I always tried to return aggressively, sometimes it didn’t work but I was lucky. I’m quite happy with my game.
What is the difference to the outside courts where you train, apart from the light and shadow?
Robin Haase: There’s always a difference in the light and shadow. But regarding the grass it’s okay. At the beginning I thought that the court was a bit faster but during the points I didn’t notice anything. I would say there is no difference.
So, what’s possible for you here?
Robin Haase: For now, everything (laughs). I just beat a very good grass court player, who is, of course, a very good player in general. But another match is completely new and you have to start all over again. I hope that I will play like today, then I’ll have a chance to get through. Otherwise, I might it’s always possible that I might have to go home.
You knew Gasquet was injured the past weeks, do you, in the back of your mind, think that he might not play 100%?
Robin Haase: I think if he isn’t 100% he would not play. He played at the French Open and if you’re not fit and have to play 100% … maybe at 5-6 and a shot into the corner he’s maybe 90% but otherwise he played the way he always does. I didn’t think a second that he might be injured. Maybe if it were his first tournament but not now.
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