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Interview with Roger Federer

Congratulations. I wanted to ask you from a kind of London point of view. Aren’t you a bit bored of winning Halle that much? When are you going to come to Queens?
Roger Federer: I will not come to Queens ever as long as it is in the same week because I have a contract here for life. So, I will always come and play here. I played in Queens in ’99 actually. That one time I lost 6:3 and 6:0 and never went back (laughs). That was my Queens experience. But it’s a nice tournament as well. You can’t have it all. It’s going to be the same week in the future too because they are both moving up from a 250 to a 500 series. They are going to keep the same week. So, I guess all the players are going to split between Halle and Queens in the future as well. But clearly I’m very pleased to go to London now for Wimbledon.
In a tournament like this close to Wimbledon are you in a close touch with Stefan Edberg? Is he watching your games? Did he give you some tips like: play more at the net?
Roger Federer: Well, he was here Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week and then he went back. I haven’t been really in touch with him since because I have Severin here, my coach. So, we were talking a lot how I should play. But clearly Stefan gave me a lot of input during practice and how he sees me playing. So, I’m trying to fulfil all the wishes of my coaches. I try to come up with the right playing style. And Stefan will be in Wimbledon starting in a few days and then we’ll spend three weeks together. Then, my coach will also join me later in the week but he’s gone back to Switzerland quickly. But I’m sure he was watching as much as he can.
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