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Interview with Roger Federer

The first set was at the level of match play that you’re after here?
Roger Federer: Yes, I mean every opponent causes different problems, some guys serve bigger, some guys return better. So, against a guy, whose serve is big, it’s clearly a test on can you break and take charge of the baseline and I thought I did that probably throughout most of the match until the very end of the match when he got into a better rhythm and I maybe allowed him to maybe get into the service games of mine a bit more. But for me to break him three times and one more in the second set is a really good effort and a step up from the previous matches I’ve played on grass this season. I thought it was my best match this far. So, it is a good win for me and I’m clearly very happy to be in the semis.
What do you think was crucial at the end?
Roger Federer: These grass court matches are tough you know. I saw that last week against Thiem. You know, having match points or break points, he’s got set points, I mean so many things can happen. It’s one shot here or there, one wrong decision, one right decision by the opponent that can change everything. So, I’m happy that I fought hard. I pushed maybe luck a bit on my side in that second set and it went my way which it didn’t go my way against Thiem last week.
Because of the injury you were out of play longer than you planned but last week you played quite a lot on grass. Do you think it’s enough to prepare for Wimbledon or if you can you would expand it?
Roger Federer: I could always use more but I don't have any options at this point anymore. I am happy that we have two, let’s say three weeks on grass before Wimbledon. So that is – I don’t want to say it’s crucial but it’s good to have them and I think I can really draw a lot of positives out of this week and last week. First time since Paris last year that I played back to back tournaments. So, for me it’s the first time in six months again and it’s nice to be able to do that. So, I see things in a good way. With having all the next week to prepare for Wimbledon, I feel I can just now focus on the last push here in Halle which is going to be an important push for me.
It’s Zverev up next. How much did you see of him this week and what sort of challenge does he present?
Roger Federer: How much did I see? I did not see his first-round match. I saw quite a bit today because it’s obvious the best to watch while you’re getting ready yourself, you know. I thought he played well, played a crucial huge first set. Marcos should have won that, ended up losing it, the momentum goes Zverev’s way, one break and the match is over. So, credit to Zverev for getting the job done. It’s not easy to use the momentum for him to come through. Clearly he got, I don’t want to say lucky in the second round against Becker but he got a double break, ended up winning that set, Benjamin doesn’t feel well anymore and he comes through there. But I think today against Baghdatis he showed why he deserves to be in the semis. He’s got a big serve, he’s got a nice backhand, he’s improving his forehand and his moving forward. So, every week that goes by I think he’s going to be a tough player in the future, no doubt about it. Important is now the next few years how he’s going to be able to learn week in and week out and just take the right decisions as he goes along. So, I think a big tournament like this one here now, playing against really good grass court players like Baghdatis, myself and then, who knows, if he wins even further, it could be a really good week for him moving forward in his career.
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