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Interview with Roger Federer

after his win against Andreas Sepp

You’ve been able to come level with No.1. What would be the level of hunger that you have right now, now that you’re winning and preparing for Wimbledon, what is the level of hunger that you need to come back to No.1.
Roger Federer: Well, I mean it’s pretty simple in some ways. The way Novak is playing or the way the ranking system is set up, it’s all about winning the Grand Slams in terms of the points. It’s that many points at the winner’s level of the Slams that that would be the case. No.1 is not my focus right now, too far away of it. But things can obviously change very quickly but the second half of the season I’ve got tons of points to defend myself. But if you do win Slams naturally you’re going to get closer and if you don’t win them you go further away from World No. 1. It’s pretty simple. But my focus is about just being happy and winning here now, going on to Wimbledon, you know take tournament one after another and not think too far ahead.
Yesterday, it was all about shooting and receiving. Today, it was more about rallies. Is there any chance to prepare during the tournament to those kinds of matches? Are you preparing differently for the match like with Ivo Karlovic?
Roger Federer: For the Ivo match you can’t really prepare. I mean it’s just about being mentally prepared and having somewhat of an idea of what you’re trying to do. In terms of Andreas, he plays like many players on the Tour, you know, rallies really well off the baseline, moves well on the grass, hits hard and flat and deep, which makes it tough against him, so he neutralizes you well. So, for that you can prepare and that’s what I’ve been doing all week. That’s why arrived early to make sure my footing was on target and then you know I play a lot of points once I get on the grass because at the end of the day that’s what it’s about, serving well when you have to. I think one big secret I guess on grass is as well when to hit which shot and playing the score the right way. You might be playing perfect but then in one moment you take a bad decision, you know, grass makes you pay for it all. So, this week has been great if I look at the whole thing. I don’t think I got broken anymore the last four matches I played. First match was extremely close but I think I won all the tiebreakers this week, which gives obviously big confidence knowing that in the crucial moments my game was right there.
Obviously a great match. I think the key was to win all the critical or decisive points and the tiebreaker in particular. I wonder how do you manage to generate such a special power particularly on the very important points during the match?
Roger Federer: Well, right now, it’s working but it doesn’t always end up being that way. But clearly with experience and building up a certain play throughout the set you know what will probably work better and worse once you enter the tiebreaker. I think what I did very well here in the tietiebreakers, I served well which you have to on the grass, I was able to mix it up, so I created a good pattern going into the tiebreaker. So, my opponent wouldn’t quite know where it’s going to go and if he knew where it was going to go it was going to be tough for him to defend. So, I think I did a really nice job this week on these situations.
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