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Interview with Roger Federer

after his win against Ernets Gulbis

How was his level out there today?
Roger Federer: It is a grass court match and he’s got a big serve. So, regardless of what his level is, he’s always going to be tough for himself and for the opponent. Maybe when it comes to the crunch that he dares himself a little bit more potentially, but that’s normal. But still, his game is there. Still, he’s going to win many matches this year, get his ranking back up. This is as low as it’s going to get for sometime I believe. Still, it was a match to win for him to get it back right away and for me to continue my run here. And I’m happy with my performance, I served well when I had to and I’m pleased about the overall performance today.
How do you think in your career you’ve been able to avoid dips?
Roger Federer: Well, I mean I’ve already been there. I just believe probably in mental strength, fitness. You know being there, if you have those two things covered you know that those are the things you can take care of. As with your game, of course confidence can make all the difference as we know on the big points and all that stuff rather than losing a few too many and you keep moving ahead with the score rather than trailing and staying with the opponent. I think being able to play over more surfaces. So you don’t go into a surface not feeling so well. Also confidence, sometimes I used to struggle in North America with the humidity and the wind. I got used to all those different factors and at the end of day you realize, you actually played decent or well throughout. The problem is when you’re lower ranked you get tougher draws and then it can happen without it being really in your control because you’re not the favourite in the matches. It can happen as well, let’s be honest. So, that’s why all you have to do is try to put the best chances on your side, best possible preparation and then you hope you can avoid that kind of stuff.
You said that Novak Djokovic is the favourite for Wimbledon? After two games here, how is your form and is it good enough to compete with for example Djokovic?
Roger Federer: Yes, because I’ve won two matches on grass and he hasn’t won any yet (laughs). No kidding, yes, I hope to be competitive. I hope I’m going to be in good shape. I hope we play against each other. That probably means we are in the final both of us and we’re both equally pleased with the tournament. But we know how long that road is to get there. I think our games both work very well on grass. I think he’s had big improvements over the years on grass because I think he had to do more adjustments than I had to do on this surface. For me, it probably came a little bit more natural. But he played very tough last year and I believe with the year he had and Wimbledon last year, like I say, he’s going to be favourite, he’s going to be playing very well again. Anything else would be quite surprising.
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