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Interview with Roger Federer

after his win against Florian Mayer

Coming back, three matches under your belt now on the grass, you feel comfortable. Does it feel like something that’s easier for you on this surface now than it was the previous months on clay? So, does it feel like grass is your happier surface?
Roger Federer: No, I mean, I guess it’s a bit less work on the grass because it’s a bit of a mind set when you approach the grass court season, you don’t get frustrated, you know it’s going to be shorter points whereas on clay, in my opinion, you have a bit more time to mess things up. You know you have too much time. For me, with my game, I have to think it through a tiny bit more on the clay, whereas on the grass it’s pretty straightforward. If it doesn’t work I’ve got to serve well, especially on the big points. It’s pretty easy to explain in my point of view. So, I’m happy this week is going well. This was clearly a total different opponent to the first two. I got more chances off his second serve, I was able to get into rallies easier and I had a good serving day. I thought I played very well today.
We saw a lot of passion in this match, people were hearing phrases like ‘oh la la’ and then after the match you even enjoyed playing with a colleague. Is this period and mind set of relax helping you to energize positively?
Roger Federer: Yes, I think as a player you try to stay as positive as possible. Personally, I am a very positive person away from the tennis as well. I try to remain the same as the match is going along. It’s not always as easy because I am also feeling frustrated at times, I’m not happy about my shot selection or how I’m playing and whatever is happening. But today I was in good form. I enjoyed playing with Florian. I think he brings a different challenge to the table because of his shot-making and his freaking out there. He plays a different type of shots than other players do and I think I quite enjoyed that challenge. Plus I played very well at the beginning. So, there was no real reason to get too nervous. But also I had to focus very hard at the end to play a good breaker.
Obviously, you have a ton of fans everywhere around the world. Do you ever think about ever tennis would be like ever once you are gone or you retire, will all the fans still be there, what will happen to the sport?
Roger Federer: I don’t think about it very much but the sport is bigger than any player anyway. So, it will be for ever successful I believe because we have great stadiums, it’s a sport that has a lot of history, tradition as well. And, you know, if I don’t win a tournament somebody else will always win. So, somebody can always make a name for themselves. And we have also seen in previous years that it is very successful and there is always going to be a next super star. Clearly it’s nice when somebody or a lot of guys play for a long period of time so the crowds and the sport get to know that person. I think that’s why I have so many fans because I have been on the Tour for a long time. I spend a lot of time with them, signing and taking pictures and greeting them time and time again. I’m sure the Tour is going to be fine afterwards as well. Maybe for my fans it’s not going to be the same clearly. For me as well, I’ll be gone, so my life is going to change as well. But there will always be other players to support.
Every match you are hitting the ball while sitting on the grass. Is it still something with the surface? Is it wet? We just saw the crash from Gael?
Roger Federer: It’s humid. The court doesn’t get as much sun as other stadiums too. It’s just because of the roof you have, which is a great benefit on a day like today. Otherwise you maybe wouldn’t see much tennis or no tennis at all. So, you can’t have it all. So, the court stays a little bit softer than in other places. So, clearly where the grass is very green like the very beginning you’ve got to be careful. But the players know that and I don’t feel like I’m risking injury in any way. But, I just got to be careful with my movement, no doubt about that.
It’s the first time in a long time someone had a shot at the calendar Grand Slam with Serena winning the first two in fourteen years. Why do you think that has always been so hard and how big do you think it would be for tennis if someone could have a shot at it?
Roger Federer: The men?
Men or women.
Roger Federer: I don’t know what it is. I think on the men’s side, obviously with Rafa raking it up at the French Open and if he doesn’t win the Australian Open, he was always going to win the French somehow. So, it’s going to be hard for us to do that. I also think because maybe they are further away in the calendar it’s harder to run through from the Australian Open all the way through to the French plus they play quite different. Maybe that’s why it has been hard to double up on those two. I found it quite easy from Wimbledon to the Open. That’s why I won five back to back there, they are closer to one another. So, I feel with the confidence you gain at Wimbledon you can maybe run through same as what Rafa did at the French from time to time also, for me as well, like to play great at the French and even run through to Wimbledon. But you can’t really do that all the way from the Aussie to the French. So, maybe that’s the reason. But clearly it would be interesting to see, especially on the men’s side, if it’s going to happen again. I believe it is at one point just because the surfaces do play more similar today than they ever have and there is not enough dangerous guys on the faster or the slower courts anymore. But I feel if you have a lot of confidence you can achieve it actually easier today than in the past.
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