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Interview with Roger Federer

after his win against Ivo Karlovic

Against Ivo does it feel like it’s a different sport?
Roger Federer: Not sport but match yes. I explained yesterday, you can win or lose and you’re like ‘I’m not sure I played very well.’ So, it comes down to a shot here or there. So, we are both mentally prepared, we’ve played so many breakers against one another and I think he was better in the set in the first set, I was better in the breaker. I guess I deserved it because I stayed calm. And in the second set probably I was better throughout the set and he was maybe a bit better in the breaker. Maybe I got a little bit lucky in the breaker. So, it was a tough match. I knew that going in. And, I was struggling to read his serve in the first set but handled it better in the second set. It was tough. Like you mentioned. It’s just a bit of a grind and physically it’s like easy, mentally rough. So, in a way quite simple, but not so much (laughs).
Roger, going into Wimbledon, last year you weren’t happy with the colour rule changing to more and more all white. How do you prepare for it? What do you think?
Roger Federer: No, look I’m fine. I’m for all white, don’t get me wrong. I just think when I grew up my heroes were all wearing tons of colours, you know. You could see some designs but I understand that you go in phases as well. I just think that now the rules are just very very strict. They could be a touch loser and it still would be white, in the white category. But, let’s not make a debate out of this because at the end of the day I’m a proud member of the club, I love playing there and clearly I love playing in white as well. We have enough colours throughout the year. But still a bit of something might be exciting for everyone.
A technical question: your match routine is to change the racket when you want to receive the serve with the new balls. Does it make sense in a match like this where the number of rallies is lower?
Roger Federer: No, it doesn’t. But I feel good just because it’s part of my routine. Yes, I think I switched rackets at 7-6, I don’t know what it was, 2-1 maybe. I was holding a new racket but the ball probably won’t touch the strings in these next few points. I could have also changed it on my own serve. I’m flexible to do that, too. So, I’m aware that today it doesn’t help but I still do it just because that’s how I usually do it.
Now you will play against Andreas Seppi or Kei Nishikori. What do you think about them and how do you play against them?
Roger Federer: Well, Seppi, I played him many times. For some time, we also practiced quite often. I think he hits the ball very well on both sides, especially cross court and then he can go down the line. I think that’s what makes him a tough player. I think fitness-wise he’s very fit, you know, he won’t go away. He doesn’t have the best second serve but I think he has improved that over time. And because he hits the ball quite flat it actually helps him on the grass. Kei, obviously I think he’s one of the great talents in the game right now. He moves very well. He’s now finally injury-free which was his biggest problem earlier on his career and he has established himself as a rock solid top 10 player now making his move into the top 5. I think grass also suits his game very well. He has one of the best backhands in the game. I think the faster court, the grass, actually helps his serve a little bit because he’s not the tallest guy. Like this he can slide it around and he does play the one two punch very well which makes him obviously very dangerous.
Just to remind you that you have really a lot of idols in Argentina. So, we wanted to know how did you feel during the last trip you did in Argentina and if you consider to come back.
Roger Federer: Well, it’s been a while now. I mean I’d love to come back at some stage. I have no plans so far. It’s very far away you know. And with the four kids and all the travelling we do throughout the year, it’s tough to do that. I’ve got to manage my schedule, my energy, my time with my family and everybody. So, hopefully maybe in two, three years again. But I definitely enjoyed it. I had a great time, fans were absolutely incredible, you know it was the match I always wanted to happen. I’ve had so many good rivals throughout my career with Nalbandian and Coria and Gaudio, who I’m always happy to see again.
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