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Interview with Roger Federer

after his win against Philipp Kohlschreiber

Obviously, a tough first round match playing Kohlschreiber. You had problems with your footing. How did you feel on the grass and how did you escape this one?
Roger Federer: Yes, but it has always been tough here in the first match. I always started play on a Wednesday or Thursday in previous years. That doesn't really matter much, but I must admit the court also feels a bit different this year. And it was in the evening - So, a lot of circumstances that, put together, made us both slip a little. Mind you, today I may have slipped as much as I probably will throughout the entire grass court season. It takes you by surprise. You hope nobody injures themselves. And it nags at you’re confidence a little bit while trying to play good tennis. >You suddenly think footwork rather than ball. But it was the same for Philipp and nothing in the line of injuries happened. So for sure it’s going to get only better as the week progresses.
About Tommy Haas: coming back here at 37, another come-back after two years. What do make of him to come back and start all over again at 37? This is normally an age many players retire at?
Roger Federer: Exactly. That’s why I think it’s even more remarkable that his mind and body are ready to do it again and see what’s left in him. He clearly seems to be enjoying himself plus he came on Tour early, so he’s not really physicly and mentaly like a 37 year old. Because of his injuries he didn’t go through another extra few hundred matches as he might have done if he had played in those two and a half years. Maybe that’s what keeps his mind open and of course the love of the game. Actually, probably similar to me I guess. And I think it’s wonderful that he’s still going for it and that he can play the way he wants to and sort of enjoy himself. At the end of the day, he’s done so much and had a great career. And him beeing back on Tour clearly gives me the opportunity to spend some more time with him.
I know we discussed the changed schedule between the French and Wimbledon. Do you think it will change how Wimbledon goes with players feeling more comfortable on grass?
Roger Federer: Yes, I definitely think there are going to be more players that are better prepared because I’m sure there were some guys that didn’t play any tournaments on grass before. But now as there’s more points to be picked up and if you do get into this week, the 500 week, why not play it, see how it goes, maybe win a few matches, next thing you know maybe he’s starting to enjoy grass courts a little bit more. Because of that you might maybe play two next year instead of playing Challengers on clay or take a rest. It might be tough for South Americans, Americans, also Australians, who can’t go home in this season because there is just too many jet lags, too tough. So, they have to fight through one more week away from home. It doesn’t sound like much but it starts adding up when you maybe come to Europe and you play all the way through from Monaco to Wimbledon. Some of the guys do that. That’s sort of what we tennis players do. But I think, especially in five years, we will probably see more better grass court players.
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