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Interview with Tommy Haas

Dear Collegues, despite all the success messages we have had, I have a piece of bad news: Unfortunately, Tommy Haas cannot play.
Tommy Haas: To make a long story short, unfortunately, my shoulder doesn’t give me the chance to play tennis at the moment. This means that again I will have to go and see doctors to see what the problem is, do another scan and see. It is very very sad for me because Halle is a very special place for me. I always played well here and prepared myself well for the weeks to come and especially for Wimbledon. The Weber family really sees to everything and that everything goes well here. It is one of my favourite tournament which I prefer for weeks in advance. It is a difficult setback and very difficult for me and my career, especially given the point in time and my age. I will go to Munich and do all the examinations. There are always a lot of new doctors or faith healers, who think they can help. So, I’ll see.
Already in Munich you had problems during that terrible match against Seppi in very low temperatures. What is the difference now? Are you in pain?
Tommy Haas: Already during the Australian Open I felt the shoulder and I had to retire early in the match. Then, you try to take a break or do more rehab and then get back. Things went well for a while. It also depends on where you play, whether it’s on clay, whether you play a lot of high balls over the shoulder. The semi-final day was very cold with six, seven degrees centigrade and therefore not optimal for my shoulder in general. Although I wasn’t in pain in Madrid I could feel my shoulder. In Rome it was better but then in my match against Dimitrov it was really bad. Again, I did rehab and a lot of therapies. Paris went will until 5-2 when I felt a certain shot. It was very shocking for me. And since then the problem got worse. Now, I need to find out what it is.
And looking onto Wimbledon?
Tommy Haas: If I find somebody during the next days or weeks, who can really help, there’s always hope. I think, hope always dies last. I’ve already been through a lot and tried a lot. Whether it will work and I’ll be ready for Wimbledon will be decided then. But, I hope so. We’ll see.
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