27th GERRY WEBER OPEN 2019 June 15th to 23rd 2019

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Interview with Tommy Haas

Tommy, can you just talk through how emotional that was walking off with Valentina in your arms?
Very emotional, very emotional obviously. You never know quite how to prepare for your last match in an event, especially an event that is very close to you and where you’ve had great success and really enjoyed coming back to every year. Obviously, I'm not that satisfied with the way I played today. Unfortunately, my body wasn’t that good the last few days in order to give it a real good go. Also a tricky opponent. So I’m not that satisfied with the way I played, especially in front of the Halle crowd. But that’s how it goes sometimes. But happy enough to have made the effort to go out there and give it a go which wasn’t easy and, you know, I’m very very satisfied with the ending here, obviously tournament director, Ralf, I've known him for a very long time. He does such a terrific job, the whole organisation here of the tournament is one of the best ones all year and, you know, walking off with Valentina in my arms … walking with her in my arms is always special but leaving the court this way, one last time, is obviously the icing on the cake.
We know that 2017 is your last year playing tournaments but we don’t know which tournament is your last?
I really don’t know because my body right now is doing a lot of things sometimes that I have no control over even though I’m trying as hard as I can to be as fit as I can. You know, I’m looking forward to the tournaments where the tournament directors or organisations are still looking forward to having me, which is great and that includes obviously Bastad, Hamburg, Kitzbühel, next I’m hoping for a Wild Card in Wimbledon which I think I have a good chance at. And then after that we’ll see. I don’t know, if the body holds up I’d love to play the US Open again, possibly Vienna one more time but that’s all really a question.
But no 2018?
No. I’m done after this year.
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