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Interview with Tommy Haas

after his loss against Andreas Seppi

How did you feel out there in general today? Obviously, a tough first set. Did you feel it was easier compared to Stuttgart?
Tommy Haas: Overall, it is a great feeling to be back on the centre court again. The first set was quite important. I got a break in the first set that wasn’t necessary. As soon as I broke back I felt I actually got some momentum. At 5-4 and serving got to 15-30, made a few lose errors. That sort of stuck with me a little bit and I didn’t maybe go through the ball, thought about it too much a little bit. And those are the things exactly that I need to work on, practice and try to readjust those things in a match when it counts. So you can kind of see it throughout the match, especially in the second, too, another break at 1 all that wasn’t necessary. A few points here and there that I just played a little too – I wouldn’t say lose – just not with authority, not with confidence yet. And he played well, too. For me, he plays the type of game on grass that doesn’t allow me to really have time to think about too many things. The ball stays very low. My serve is not good enough yet to feel I’ve got enough free points. I felt like he always read my serve pretty well, made it tough for me to serve and volley. The ball stayed low, so I had to really risk it and sometimes at a time when it wasn’t necessary I made too many errors.
How close do you think it is you’re getting to being more automatic, more natural, without thinking too much? This can take time?
Tommy Haas: Yes, it’s going to take time. Obviously, every match you play, every match you win, the better you feel. Once you go out there and you lose there are always question marks, how do you recover, how will you feel tomorrow, what’s next. It’s tough but I know it is, you know my past, it’s been a tough ride back each time as well. It’s just a matter of being mentally strong and hungry to keep doing what I have to do. That’s really the key. So, we’ll see how long that holds up as well.
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