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Interview with Alexander Zverev

How satisfied are you with your game? I looked like a very clear encounter?
Very satisfied because Philipp is somebody, who can play very well on grass. He mixes it up well with his slice, his serve. Therefore, he is always a difficult opponent on this surface. Therefore, I am glad that I could win in two sets and also have the feeling that I played well.
Now, you will play Bautista Agut. What are your thoughts on him?
I think he showed a good and in the end successful match today. He's also going to be a difficult opponent. Lorenzi, Kohlschreiber und Bautista Agut are actually three players, who are not very different in their game. So, hopefully I can adapt well to his game and play as well so it will work out.
Have there been any changes to your game as compared to the last grass court season which you could think of right away, something that has improved apart from the experience you got last year?
My volley game has improved. I also spent a lot of time to improve it. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind.
You are one of the rare players, who leaves his towel on the bench and also don’t take a lot of time during changeover. What is your opinion on the shot clock or in general regarding other rule changes?
The ATP is maybe trying to change something. I think most of the rules, sets up to for and new scoring and no lets will never make it to the pro Tour. And I think if you ask other players they will say the same. The shot clock is the only thing they will introduce I think because there are player, who take a lot of time and inexperienced umpires, young umpires who maybe have a bit of respect towards bigger players don’t say anything. And if there is a shot clock you have the time and that’s it. If you exceed the time you can’t really tell the umpire anything. I think it’s something the players would have to get used to but then, in the end, it will have a lot of positives.
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