27. GERRY WEBER OPEN  15. – 23. Juni 2019

GERRY WEBER TICKET CENTER 05201 81 80 Mo. bis Fr. 9–18 und Sa. 9–13 Uhr

Interview with Kei Nishikori

You have not had as much success on grass so far. Do you find it is a difficult surface to play on or is it just adjusting to the transition between clay and grass?
Well, yes, I think it is a challenge for me to play on grass because, like you said, I haven’t played the best results yet. I am trying to find how I can play on this surface. But I think I’m improving every year. And it was my first match, so I didn’t expect to play perfect anyway. Yes, it was a really tough match today but I think it’s going good.
You’ve had a few injury problems in the last month or two, Madrid, that sort of period. Has that all cleared up now and after such a tough match today how are you feeling?
I’m feeling okay. I’ve been feeling pretty good after the French. Physically I think I’m okay now. And it’s something really important. Especially, this week I got injured last two years in this tournament so I try to stay healthy. But I think it’s most important to spend a couple of matches here this week and try to, you know, find a way to play and maybe for Wimbledon.
You were due to play with Verdasco in doubles. Is that still going to happen or is his injury going to prevent that?
I don’t know. I’m going to ask him. But it’s always great to play with a doubles partner. You know in singles, we are good friends, so, it’s never easy to play. I think he has been playing too much this year.
What was the decision? I mean, you don't often play doubles. Or was that to get more time on grass?
Yes, I always play doubles this week. And I always enjoy playing doubles. But, you know, if he is injured we cannot do anything. We’ll see.
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